Biosynthesis and Enzymology

Carbohydrate Enzymology and Biosynthesis. Our work in this area has covered a broad range of topics and techniques. We have studied mechanisms for glycosyltransfer enzymes called sialyltransferases and trans-sialidases, using deuterium and heavy-atom kinetic isotope effects as a probative mechanistic technique to elucidate features of the transition states for these reactions. Another aspect of the work was design and synthesis of glycosidase inhibitors, based on the observation that nitrogen in the ring analogs of common sugars are often potent inhibitors. Indeed, such inhibitory compounds as exemplified by the well known deoxynojirimycin, inspired us to pursue investigation of their biosynthetic path. We have identified a three gene signature cluster consisting of a transaminase, phosphatase, and NADH dependent dehydrogenase that are capable of converting fructose-6-phosphate into mannojirimycin-6-phosphate. Present work is aimed at the enzymology of these enzymes and identification of remaining enzymes in the pathway. This three gene signature has also allowed us to identify similar pathways in other bacterial species.

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